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Gambusia Hairwing

The Gambusia Hairwing is a twist on a classic hair wing streamer that has been fashioned to look like our local baitfish here in Florida, the Gambusia (aka the Mosquitofish.) It was born out of a need to match the small profile of this baitfish, as there are times during the shad run where the fish are gorging themselves on these small minnows, often just subsurface, and they will refuse anything that is not a convincing match. A fly that is too large or that sinks too quickly will not be taken, even as you watch them rise (sometimes leap) as they feed all around you. I have fished this pattern the last 3-4 years with good success, and always have some in varying sizes in my fly box. I encourage you to do the same!

Gambusia Hair wing Fly Pattern

Gambusia Hairwing:

Hook: Size 8-12 Aberdeen Hook
Thread: 6/0 Black Uni-Thread
Tail: Pearl Grey Kip Tail (the lightest grey from bottom of tail)
Body: Kreinik Metallics Blending Filament 001 (Silver)
Wing: Shad Grey Kip Tail (the darkest grey near tip of tail)
Eyes: Stick on 3D eyes and UV Resin


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