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New Instagram Page for the BLOG

Instagram Logo

I have been doing some work in the off season to update the BLOG (new logo, new mobile friendly theme, updates, etc.) and have decided to start a companion Instagram page to share shorter form content like pictures and videos during the coming shad run. This will allow me to share content that may or may not make it to the BLOG, in the “bite-sized” format that people seem to crave these days.

Over the coming weeks/ months, I will also be taking the fly tying videos that are currently on YouTube and converting them in to short 60 second (or less) Reels and taking some macrophotography pictures of each fly. As I take new pictures of the flies, I will also update the image on each post on the BLOG.

The BLOG will continue to be the place I write and tell stories, the Facebook Group will continue to be a community for shad fanatics to discuss all things fishing and fly tying, and the Instagram page will be a stylish, visually appealing photo/ video gallery of sorts.

If you are on Instagram, and would like some “shad candy” in your feed, I would appreciate your follow at: @shadontheflyblog

You can also find a link up in the menu.

Just a few more months until the run (for the Florida folks at least!)

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