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High Water and Wind + Cold Temps= No Shad on the Fly

Weather Report for 02-07-16

I am not sure that I can really qualify this post as “on the water” as in fact, I never made it on the water at all. That said, it is still a Florida shad fishing report for the archives. My intention was to fish from CS Lee on Sunday February 7th, but mother nature had other ideas. Serious rain through the week kept the water levels high, which can change the game sometimes, but I don’t generally care as I throw a 10 foot T8 tip on the switch rod and go dredging. However, take high water and a NW wind at 17-20mph plus cold temperatures and you have the perfect recipe for a day of lounging at the house rather than shad fishing. As I get older (and debatably wiser,) I have lost some of my “Eddie would Go” spirit when it comes to fishing, and I have to say, I no longer worry about the fish I may have missed. I have learned through good old fashioned stubbornness that there are days better spent doing something other than fighting wind, freezing your butt off, and just plain getting frustrated. I still have my moments, but take in to account the wind direction was from the northwest and I knew the water would stack up, kill the current, and keep the water levels even higher. There has not been much relief in the water levels so far this week, but the wind has started to die off and I am jonesing to get on the water. Wind, temperature, or water be damned… I am going this weekend! Now there’s that “Eddie would Go” spirit I was talking about. 🙂

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