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Joe Zimmer’s Shad Fly #2

This shad fly is part of The Pfeiffer Collection.

This is another one of Joe Zimmer’s shad flies and this is a very durable fly, especially if the tail and wing are tied as instructed in the video. I have had good success on the St John’s River with this pattern tied with a pink wing and white tail, or a orange wing and white tail. Customize the color combinations to fit your river.

Joe Zimmer’s Shad Fly #2 Pattern:

Hook: 8, 3x long (I chose 2x)
Thread: Pink 6/0 Uni-thread
Tail: Craft Fur in a color of your choice
Body: Silver Tinsel
Wing: Craft Fur in a color of your choice

Note: I have had good success with this pattern as tied above or by flipping the whole thing over by tying it with an hourglass eye. When tied with an hourglass eye, it is essentially a synthetic Clouser Minnow. I often trade the silver tinsel for a color Flashabou that matches the wing. This shad fly is definitely a St. Johns River favorite in either variation!

St John River variation of Joe Zimmer's Shad Fly

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