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Hike to 7 Palms to Shad Fish (2023)

7 Palms Shelter on the St. Johns River

Join us for a hike to 7 Palms this Saturday (02/04/2023) to do some fly fishing for shad. I am limiting this hike to a maximum of 10 people (in addition to Ray and I.) First to mark themselves as Going in the Facebook Event, first served. NOTE: You do NOT need to be a Facebook Member to mark yourself as Going in the Event.

I will message you via FB to get your phone number prior to the trip. If I do not receive your phone number and get final confirmation from you via text by Friday, I will not count you in to the final group and will not wait for you prior to leaving.

We will meet at the Canaveral Marshes Trailhead at 8:00am and make a leisurely hour long 2.5 mile walk to the river. Most of this is on an easy service road that is generally dry (as long as we have not had significant rain,) but as we approach the river, there can be some mud and water to cross to get to the 7 Palms shelter. From there we have access to quite a bit of shoreline on a section of the St. Johns River where shad have been congregating the last couple of weeks, and we will spend the day fishing until late afternoon, then hike back to the trailhead before dark.

To join us you will need:
Waders (unless you want to wet wade,) sunscreen, a hat, protective but comfortable clothing depending on weather and temperature, a rain jacket (likely needed,) first-aid kit, water/ beverages, lunch, snacks, fly rod and shad flies.

The fee: shad conversation during the walk & posting great pictures and reports on the Group pages

Disclaimer: This is a wilderness area where you can expect to see, and potentially fish alongside of alligators. In addition, there can be snakes, feral pigs, cattle and other wildlife in this area. Cooler temperatures usually minimize our chance of an encounter; however, they may occur. This hike is being offered “as is” and if you sign up, you agree that you recognize the inherent risk potentially involved and are responsible for your own actions & safety. You also agree to practice catch & release, leave nature as is, and to pack out what you pack in.

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