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SR415 to Iron Bend in search of Shad

SR415 bridge on the St. Johns River

A special thanks to Todd Labellman and his brother Alex for inviting me out for a Sunday fishing/ scouting trip. We launched from Cameron Wight and found a good amount of surface activity near the power lines as the south/ southwest wind blew nutrient rich water out of Lake Jessup into the river. Unfortunately, we could not get them to take a fly (or conventional rig,) so we made a run up to the Osteen bridge at SR415 to do some dredging before making the run upstream to the Iron Bend, then fished a couple likely spots on the way back before returning to the power lines for the evening bite. I managed a sandwich sized crappie, and Todd caught a hickory shad on a full sink line, so a slow day of fishing, but a nice day exploring and fishing with Todd and his nephew Austin.

We ran into Philippe Richen and John Hawko on the water, and they reported slow fishing as well, but Phil said he did manage to land his largest hen to date, which is promising.

It’s still thin, but they are around, and you are not going to catch them sitting on the couch, so get to it!

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