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CS Lee and the Econ last Saturday

Stand of Palm Trees on Econ River

Just a quick post as I have seen some questions about the general conditions around CS Lee.

Last Saturday I fished with Ron Flak on his boat. We put in at CS Lee around noon and made the quick run to the mouth of the Econ. The water conditions were perfect and there was great current after the recent rains. We fished the mouth as well as the channel near the east bank and did not find shad. However we did witness a C-17 Globemaster make a low pass at around 300 feet off the deck at full speed. It dipped a wing and waved at us. It must have been coming out of Patrick Airforce (Spaceforce) Base. I have seen them take off and land there, but I have never seen one so low at full speed. Pretty cool!

Joel catching a crappie
Joel catching a nice crappie

We decided to make the run to the area of the Econlockhatchee River accessible by foot from Brumley Road. Along the way we ran in to Joel Volpi, a snake wrangler extraordinaire from Georgia and Facebook group member. Nice guy! I snapped a picture of him as he hooked a nice crappie and we talked briefly. He had not found shad either.

We arrived at the Lilly Pool and found folks camping there again, so we proceeded up to the Wives’ Pool. We fished the head and depth of the pool pretty thoroughly and did not find shad. After lunch we proceeded back down to the Lilly Pool and took some shots there and found no joy.

On the way back down river we talked to Joel again. He had caught panfish but no shad. We fished the mouth of the Econ for a bit, enjoyed a beer, and then called it a day.

While it might be possible to get another wave of fish, as we approach March, I suspect that possibility will wain quickly. If you plan to go out, I would focus my effort upstream of SR 50, 520, or 528 at this point.

The fishing was slow, but I enjoyed the weather, boat ride, fishing, and company. Thanks again Ron!

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