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We Have a Winner- 2020/2021

Steele Doxtater with a Hickory Shad

We have our winner! Congratulations to Steele Doxtater, for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!!!! This is the first year we have had a back-to-back winner for the First Shad of the Season Contest, so not only did Steele win, he’s making history! Similar to last year, Steele caught this beauty near Marina Isle while fishing with the 2018/2019 contest winner, Cas Summers. These guys play to win, and they know Shad Alley like its their own backyard! Way to go Steele, congratulations AGAIN!

First Shad of the Season


  1. David Razin

    Thanks for the shad report from Tosohatchee. ..past shad fisherman from new england (merrimac river) now residing in central Florida ..any suggestions on where to fish from shore. .im totally on foot( although a kayak is on the horizon) …any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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