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Cole Wilde’s Shad Fly Variation

This shad fly is part of The Pfeiffer Collection.

This is a variation of Cole Wilde’s Shad Fly and includes a palmered hackle rather than a hackle tied in wet fly style for a throat. This shad fly is typically tied with a white body and a white, red, or yellow hackle. In addition, the body can be tied with yellow, orange, or red floss, and a white, yellow, orange, or red hackle. Both variations of the Cole Wilde’s Shad Fly are very nice looking flies, but for me personally, are more complicated than necessary for shad. If you enjoy tying flies (like I do,) give this one a shot as the end product is very nice. Even if there are effective flies that are easier and faster to tie, sometimes its just fun to try something different!

The Cole Wilde’s Shad Fly Variation Pattern:

Hook: Size 1 or 2
Thread: White 6/0 Uni-Thread
Body: White floss built up in a cigar shape
Ribbing: Embossed Silver Tinsel
Hackle: White
Head: Red Danville’s Flat Wax Nylon

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