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The Connecticut River Shad Fly- Variation #3

This shad fly is part of The Pfeiffer Collection.

This is the third variation of the Connecticut River Shad Fly and instead of using the quill wing tied on variations one and two, it uses a palmered hackle. Because of this, I would tend to use this fly more often as it is easier to tie and requires less time. It is a good looking, simple wetfly pattern and I am sure it would take shad. For my waters, I may try this fly with an orange hackle, gold tinsel, and an hourglass eye.

Connecticut River Shad Fly Pattern #4

The Connecticut River Shad Fly- Variation #3 Pattern:

Hook: Size 2-4
Thread: Black Uni-Thread 6/0
Body: Silver Tinsel
Hackle: Scarlet

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