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Enfield Dam Shad Fly

This shad fly is part of The Pfeiffer Collection.

When it comes to shad flies, easy is always best in my opinion and it does not get much easier than the simple hair wing Enfield Dam Shad Fly. You could tie up a mess of these quickly in different colors and get out on the river and fish an hour later. The simple nature of the tie means you won’t get too attached to it, and will most likely fish it more aggressively than more complicated flies. I might flip the whole thing over with an hourglass eye and tie the wing on the bottom of the hook, but wait… that might turn the Enfield in to a Crazy Charlie sans vinyl rib (which is how the fly was originally tied anyway I believe.) What say you? Hmm? Hmmmm? 🙂

The Enfield Dam Shad Fly:

Hook: Size 2
Thread: Yellow UTC Ultra Thread 140
Body: Silver Tinsel
Wing: Yellow Kip Tail

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