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The Cliffy Shad Fly

The Cliffy Shad Fly is a fun fly I just came across. It looks like a small minnow, so it should be a great pattern to catch shad on the fly. I found the pattern on the Mid-Coast Fly Fishers’ site and decided to add it to my fly box this year, as well as record a video of the tie. I think this fly has some serious potential, and reports seem promising. While the original pattern calls for a yellow tail, I am also going to tie some up with orange tails as I have had a lot of success with orange.

The Cliffy Shad Fly Pattern:

Hook: Size 6
Thread: Yellow UTC Ultra Thread 140
Tail: Kip Tail
Body: Silver Tinsel Yarn (Or Mylar)
Collar: Pearl Mylar Tubing
Eyes: 5/32 Hourglass Eyes

I am also going to try a gold mylar body along with an orange tail and see how that does.

The Cliffy Shad Fly in Orange and Gold

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